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Gold Foil Stamping

Add-ons: Printing

Please note this is only an option to be purchased if you already placed an order with us. 

Printing upgrades: 
Foil stamping
Foil stamping and offset
UV printing

  • Offset

    In this technique, the inked image present on a printing plate is first transferred to a rubber cylinder and then further transferred (offset) onto paper or other materials.

  • Foil stamping

    In the foil stamping procedure, the design is engraved onto either a metal die or a copper plate. Subsequently, the foil is aligned over the product's surface. On a letterpress machine, a heating element is employed, and the die or plate applies pressure to affix the foil onto the paper substrate, creating a bond in the designated areas of the surface.

  • UV Printing

    UV printing employs specialized UV inks and high-intensity LED ultraviolet lights instead of heat to solidify the ink onto the printing surface. The UV light closely trails the ink as it's applied to the substrate, ensuring instant drying, regardless of the material used. Because the ink dries rapidly, it doesn't evaporate or spread on the printed material. Furthermore, there's no emission of VOCs, ozone, or harmful fumes into the environment.

PriceFrom C$35.00
Excluding GST/HST
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*** Please send us a message for quantities below 100 and specify the model.

*** Please contact us if you need more inserts or RSVP cards and RSVP envelopes. 

Time frame:

1-2 business days to get a digital draft

7-10 business days for production

STEP 1: Pick your invitation


STEP 2: Confirm Payment


STEP 3: Once the invitation and payment are confirmed, send us an email with the order form that will be provided after checkout. Production will not start until we have all of the necessary information from you. 


*** Please note that PRICES INCLUDE PRINTING.


Additional Information: 


Invitations are as shown in the image, no additional envelopes or accessories are included. Envelope fees are included in the price for the designs with envelopes. Some invitations do not have envelopes because of their designs. The printed area can act as an envelope with processes like folding etc


The invitations are sent to you unassembled. For the invitations requiring processes like folding/assembling, boxing, assembling the accessories etc.; assembly belongs to the customer. In line with this information, for your convenience, one sample invitation will be assembled and sent alongside your order.


For refunds and exchanges; the refund process is performed before the printing procedure, however since the product you receive is personal, we are unable to perform returns or exchanges after the design you have approved is printed. Please take this information into consideration before approving the design for printing.

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