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How to select the right paper for your wedding invitation

The paper selection is as important as selecting the design of your invitation. Your guest will hold the invitation and feel it. This is part of the first impression before starting to read the invitation.

Papers have different kinds of finishes. Even though the digital result will appear perfect, there are details like the texture of the paper that is very important. It changes the feeling when touched and the reflection of small details printed on the card.

There are four types of finishes used with invitation papers: Glossy, Lustre, Matte, and Metallic.



Glossy finish is the most well known. It is shinny and sliding when touched. This is a good option if you don't have small details on your invitation. It is recommended for simplistic designs to upgrade the final look for an elegant look.



Lustre finish is slightly glossy with a matte-seemed look. It has a satin feeling when touched. We recommend this option for invitations with a lot of design and wordings. It gives the card a quality touch and little details are very clear.



Matte finish is free of shine and highlights. It has a smooth touch. Imperfections are part of this style. It gives a vintage look to the invitation.



Metallic finish as expected has a very shiny look. It has shimmer. The paper is to be used alone with the wording and simplistic designs such as a frame or little abstract motifs. It enriches the final look with glamour.


Paper will change the final look of your invitation. We strongly recommend to consider this aspect since each paper style will upgrade in different ways the overall look of your cards.

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